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Root Level Solutions

Prosperous Agribusinesses require better solutions to offset high energy costs while being geographically located near consumers and areas with water availability.

Current Agribusiness organizations and agriculture producers are constrained by geographic utility access, water utilization regulations, water availability, land restrictions, environmental controlling devices, and unpredictable weather cycles to affordably produce crops.

Our technology is designed to empower Agribusinesses to achieve precision environmental conditions to allow for healthy crop growing. Dependent on customer geographies, operating margins can now decrease substantially by utilizing the Oasis System for continuous and reliable utilities to regulate and sustain crop growth.

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The Obstacles

Our Solutions

Utility expenses in overhead costs or loss of margin growths from low sales or bad crop cycles
Reliable and sustainable water source, renewable fuel source, onsite regulated HVAC to reduce overhead and margins adding immense profit
New developments with no access to water and power
Immediate access to water and power at reduced operating rates while creating independence from distant centralized utility grids
High humidity levels create interior molds preventing seeds from cycles for growth
Eliminates the mold environment by consuming humidity while recycling the water into the plant’s roots
Expense of separate HVAC systems to meet facilities’ needs
All-in-one system
Water rights and land restrictions; additional import expenses
Ability to produce in area that would otherwise be restricted. Cost effective expenses by growing feedstock locally
Expense of trucked-in water
On-site water source and earth friendly

Empowering Technology

For agribusinesses to meet the ever-increasing population demands for food and crop production requires a new affordable way for growing conditions to thrive without complex devices saturating energy costs to climate control environments. The Oasis System can transform and empower agribusiness owners, farmers, and growers with more affordable access to precious utilities while empowering their ability to become more operationally independent and commercially viable.

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