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April 7, 2021
[SCTV Ep. 75] Jake Hammock of Selu Technologies

Game-changing tech, #ptsdrecovery, cannabis as a path to healing and investment opportunities are discussed with my guest Jake Hammock, CEO of Selu Technologies. Jake is a leader, strategist, engineer, founder, teacher, philanthropist, and creator with over a decade of operational and technical leadership experience. Entrepreneurial spirited while possessing and promoting an anti risk-averse, positive reinforcement, and intuitive culture to lead, architect, engineer and deploy revolutionary impact technologies for the betterment of industry growth and humanity.

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March 23, 2021
Utah company to launch all-in-one universal climate control utility system to agribusiness

by Jennifer Weaver, KUTV Saturday, March 20th 2021 SALT LAKE CITY (KUTV) — Water scarcity and land degradation is a global problem with additional difficulties in utility costs and climate control for growing food and sustaining strong and sufficient agricultural commerce. However, a new company,, is providing a universal solution. According to a […]

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February 16, 2021
Jake Hammock from Selu Oasis Pioneers for a Better, More Sustainable Future

By Good Day Orange County The Selu Oasis System is an all-in-one utility technology that provides a complete climate controlling ability to ensure plants receive the optimum growing conditions to thrive. This way Selu will provide affordable energy and the gift of food to any area of the world that struggles with food insecurity. […]

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