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Selu Technologies strengthens and enhances nature to liberate all life while empowering agribusinesses with immense commercial value.

A cleaner world.
A better world.
A thriving world.

We believe Earth’s natural resources of water, air, food, land, and energy are a human right that should be available for everyone. Our eco-friendly model will reduce scarcity through clean technologies and follows responsible business ethics. The state of a global economy is only as reliable as it’s ability to sustain the needs of its people.

Graphic for Global Consumption DemandsGraphic: Global water Break downGraphic: Risk of global water Stress points

Water is our most stressed resource. Only 3% of all water on Earth is fresh; of that, 2% is encased in Polar Ice Caps leaving just 1% available for human use.[2] From that 1%, agriculture consumes 70% to cultivate our food and crops.[3]

While centralized utility and grid systems work to compensate the increased demand, it strains the industry of agribusinesses with a process that is costly, limited, and unable to replenish a diminishing water and energy supply for our food. As a dependent economy, we are running out of the very resource that provides life.

Graphic showing the usable water distribution for agriculture

Land to produce our food and build our communities are competing for the same space to expand and grow. Of the 71% of habitable land available, 50% is used for agriculture. With over 35% of habitable land used for agriculture, combined with a growing population expected to reach 10 billion by 2050, we simply need a better ecosystem.[4]

World hunger continues to rise as food production and distribution cannot maintain the demand or need. The world is not on track to achieve zero hunger by 2030. If recent trends continue, the number of people affected by hunger would surpass 840 million by 2030.[5]

In regards to more desolate areas, the more we can plant on Earth, the more we can improve additional water supply levels. This new method taps into a natural water resource we are just beginning to understand. It provides relief and instills hope while doing our part in renewing the planet.

By partnering with agribusinesses in the transformation of wastelands into thriving environments, this union enables our technology to access and enhance the natural crop transpiration cycles. This process creates an influx of water back into our atmosphere to increase our global supply of freshwater, while it allows our agribusiness customers to succeed, and preserve Earth’s most precious gift of life.


As caretakers of the Earth,
and of each other,
we can do better... we have to.

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